Through the untiring efforts of past member, George Bailey and wife Gini, the club membership were encouraged to donate jackets, hats, scarves and gloves to the needy of the Greater Medford area. Our involvement began over 5 years ago with the number collected continually increasing. The program interest was caught up by member, Marcie Kappner’s Mom who this last year hand knit more than 100 hats. The RVSR club members want to extend special thanks to Gini for her spear heading this great cause, recognize Dana Bailey, Katy Whilhite and Debbie Fleck for their helpful assistance.


If you wish to donate to this local benefit that helps so many in need, please watch the spring sales by many of the local merchants, to purchase lower priced apparel and contact or,thanks from the RVSR club.


35th Annual RVSR Rod & Custom Show, Central Point, OR. Feb. 17th-19th, 2012.
March 9th, 2012

  Our planning for this year’s event began in 2010 when it was uncertain we would be in the area or available to participate. It was not until late last year we were able to plan the entrance of our ’34 Ford Roadster we placed right below the new ‘Half-a-Car’ sign with matching paint scheme. With new President, Bill Andrews heading the club, Past Show Chrmn. Bert Roberts, managing the show, Mark’tg Chrmn, Ron Peil on board and many of the members handling the same positions, planning began early. As usual, the Medford area received ‘fake spring’ weather with 55 to 70’s sunny days in the preceding couple of weeks. Then cooler temps, rain, and a small snow dropping gave us grave concern for the show weekend. Did we get lucky, by 9am, Friday, set-up day, the sun broke through and all entrants were able to arrive in the dry to begin their displays. By 7pm, the Expo Fairgrounds arena was full of 100’s of rods, customs, bikes, club displays and Karts, Specialty Vehicles, along with the Valve Cover Racing Track, the Kids Room for coloring contests, the club T Shirt table, the ever popular Raffle table with prizes and the entrants registration table.
More to come if files can be located ...

Labor Day, 2012.
March 5th, 2012

For those of you who missed it, you’ll have to catch next years.  We had a wonderful time!  We had 26 street rods, 1 muscle car and 3 daily drivers meet at Joe & Debbie Dauenhauers’, for a total of 64 folks in attendance. The sight must have been wonderful, as there were neighbors all along the way coming out to wave us on.

It was a beautiful day and we drove up to Howard Prairie Marina for Ice Cream.  The woods were beautiful and the air fresh.  We followed our fearless leader home and he tried to fool us.  He turned left towards Klamath Falls.  (I think he just wanted to see if any of us would notice!)

We headed back to Ashland to Joe & Debbie’s and had a wonderful BBQ and potluck with farm fresh fruit and veggies.  It was a wonderful evening with a slight breeze and we all relaxed for a while before bidding our wonderful hosts farewell.


February 5th, 2012

At the ‘07 So. San Francisco Rod & Custom show, our ’40 Ford Custom Conv. was sited right across from ‘Candy Apple Joe’s booth. After we ‘d got all set up, he came over to inspect our paint. We chatted awhile then he took me to his desk gave me one of his personal T shirts and invited us to his own show in Auburn, CA. I was thrilled to meet him as he’d been an idol of mine since my teen years.

In 2010, a group of RVSR buddies were going there so Chan ‘n I planned to go too. Due to her health concerns, we were unable to make the trip but had registered. In Aug. 2011, Joe called me in BC and again invited us to attend, I was honored, with Chan’s help, made all the arrangements to go. As she wasn’t up to it. I invited pal, Bill Townsend to accompany me, he agreed in a heartbeat!!!

We left BC on 09/28 and drove I 5 all day to our home in Central Point, OR. and spent the night. Together, we loaded the ’40 in our trailer, filled the back of the p/u and headed south to CA on I 5 the next morning. Weather was sunny, dry, warm

and we made good time in little traffic to Auburn. With help from a local, we got to the Foothills Motel and checked in. This ‘50s Inn, lacked more than it had going for it, but was quaint, several other invitees had booked here too. Later we were told it was in Chapter 11 which explained why their neon sign flashed “FOO…….Motel”, but it was close to Joe’s digs!!! With a wide open window (no A/C) and a bed-spread we hung over the non-meeting curtains, we sacked out. Bill doesn’t snore, he croons, and lulled me to sleep for the next 3 nights, LOL.

More to come if files can be located ...
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